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Student Testimonials

I have completed both the beginner and intermediate courses that Luca runs and have found both to be a great introduction to the world of photography.


Both courses covered everything I wanted to know and I now have a brilliant knowledge base to build on my photography skills and the particular functions on my camera.


Photography Composition student

After doing the Level 1 course, I found my photography has improved immensely, even after the first lesson. 

I gained a much better insight into the components of composition. I also got some valuable tips on how to get the most out of my camera and what to look for when taking a photo, particularly in nature. 

I enrolled in a short course with Luca and found it to be excellent for a number of reason including the composition principles, how to recognise what makes a photo great and how a simple thing like 'perspective' can make a huge difference when taking a photo.

Thanks Luca for inspiring and motivating me to get out there and take more photos!


Photography Composition student


Photography Composition student

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